Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday May 10, 2011 update

Tippy was the first to be adopted.  Velveteen was second, but the adopters really wanted a boy, so they swapped Velveteen for Freckles.  Piggy and Romeo are in a foster home, and we got Albert, Canada, Emma, Patches, Juneau and Velveteen back after they were fixed.  On Wednesday May 11, the six will head off to their new foster home. 


  1. I have been looking at these puppies for a few days. I read that Velveteen was adopted, but then "swapped" for a male puppy. I am very pleased because I wish to adopt Velveteen, along with one of her siblings, possibly, Patches.

  2. Velveteen and Patches would be a great pair! Got to the Rugaz Rescue web site and fill out an application. I know there has been interest in both of them. Don't wait!